A Collection of Masterpieces: Ares Protocol Meme Contest Winners Announcement

Do you stalk the alleys of r/SatoshiStreetBets and Elon Musk’s twitter? Are you a proud HODLer of not only DOGE and BTC, but also a LIT collection of the dankest memes and GIFs? Well, our meme contest was your opportunity to prove that you’re a true crypto meme expert! 😎

Today is a very special day for all meme lovers among our dear Aresians. We are thrilled to announce the cream of the crop — the winners of the meme contest 🎉

We were going to pick the top 3 memes to award, but we have to admit that your creativity and ingenuity has greatly hindered our plans… And we are happy to announce not just 3 winners, but 5 talented individuals who made us smile in admiration have been selected to be awarded prizes! 😍

And now the part you’ve all been waiting for!

The winners of the meme contest:

We remind you that the 4th and 5th places were determined by our awesome community, and we trust in their competence!

5th place:

Our 5th winner @elena3452q has found the missing element of the revolution. Any idea what it could be? 😏

4th place:

Our 4th winner @Lordix has sent Ares Protocol on a journey to the highest point a cryptocurrency can reach — straight to the moon. 🚀🌑

The further we go the more interesting things get!

3rd place:

Our 3rd winner @techrelatedstuf is so creative that he has come up with a full package of memes. What an imagination! 🌎

2nd place:

Our 2nd winner @i_am_zareen definitely knows how to spend money! We totally support it! 🤑

1st place:

Our 1st winner @mridulsingh has made us laugh the most, just check it out yourself! 💯

The prizes🏆:

1st: The most creative participant gets the most attractive prize — a Whitelist spot in our IDO!!

2nd: Winner 2 receives a prize of 250$.

3rd-5th: Winners 3,4 and 5 will each get 100$ as a reward.

We sincerely congratulate our winners and all the participants of our contest. You guys are all awesome, creative, and talented, and this is just the beginning! We had a lot of fun going through all your memes. We smiled, laughed, and admired everyone’s imagination and hard work. This has been an incredible experience!

Stay tuned, because this has just been a small fraction of everything we have planned for you. We’ll be back with more cool events and announcements very soon!

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