Ares Protocol & Kesef Finance Partnership

Dear Aresians,
We are glad to announce our collaboration with Kesef Finance.

About Kesef Finance:
Kesef Finance is a multi-utility platform to simply crypto use among the masses. With its sleek-looking mobile app, access to a crypto debit card, and uber-cool staking platform, Kesef is bringing Defi to every device.

Kesef Finance aims to become an easy-to-use platform to bring a use-case to our cryptocurrencies by allowing its users to spend thru a debit card while you will also be able to convert supported cryptocurrencies to fiat.
Also, users will be able to use Kesef’s platform to buy supported cryptocurrencies as easily as possible what's more is Kesif users can earn interest rates by stake their currencies easily!
All in one solution for Defi!

About Ares Protocol:

Ares Protocol is a smart, cross-chain Oracle-based protocol powered by Polkadot. Ares Protocol is a provider of safe and reliable data for the Defi platform(s) and will do the same with Kesef, we will provide a competitive edge for Kesef Finance!

We are committed to providing our service to disruptive solutions and Kesef Finance will be one of the collaborations we are proud to announce.

Ares Protocol will provide its data oracle services to help Kesef Finance to gather credible and compelling data.
We are also a bridge for Kesef to explore opportunities inside Polkadot’s Defi ecosystem!

Stay tuned for great news Aresians. We would like to thank each of you for supporting us during our development period!

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