Ares Protocol Whitelist Lottery — Round Two

Dear Aresians, two days ago we announced Round One of the Whitelist Lottery which is still open till the 18th of April (10 PM UTC). We have already received hundreds of filled forms for Round One and we’re very pleased to see such active participation! 😍

We’re here today to announce that Round Two of the Whitelist Lottery for the special (tier0) Community Pool on Duckstarter is now LIVE 🔥

Round Two is for all of our loyal Aresians, everyone will have an equal chance of winning. And we’d like to remind you that you won’t even need to have any $DUCK tokens to be able to participate in the tier0 Community Pool on Duckstarter 🤯

There will be two batches of winners:

📌 Batch #1 will contain the primary winners, the vanguard, which will have immediate access to the tier0 Community Pool. There are a total of 100 seats in Batch #1 and all of them are guaranteed allocation.

📌 Batch #2 is the reserve division, the rearguard, which will get access 5 minutes after the opening of the tier0 Community Pool. Batch #2 has only 50 seats that are NOT guaranteed allocation.

📌 Batch #3 is the last reserve: If even 5 minutes after Batch #2 some allocation remains unsold, then Batch #3 has the chance to buy. Also Batch #3 has only 50 seats that are NOT guaranteed allocation.

But why do we have three batches instead of just one? The decision was made to prevent gas wars. It is our goal to make the process as streamlined as possible for our community and after hard work with the Duckstarter team, this is the best solution that was settled upon.

📅 Date and time:

📌 April, 17–21 (till 10 PM UTC): Round Two — Duckstarter Community Whitelist Lottery.

☑️ Terms of Participation in Round Two

1. Follow Ares Protocol on Twitter:

2. Like & Retweet the pinned tweet on Ares Protocol’s Twitter:

3. Join our Telegram Group here:

4. Join our Telegram Channel here:

5. Fill in the Whitelist Lottery Form here:

6. Perform KYC here:

⚠️ You should use a personal ERC20 address that is not empty, otherwise we will have to exclude your address from the lottery to prevent bot accounts from participating.

📋 Round Two Details

📌 Pool size: $10,000.

📌 Max allocation per person: $100.

📌 Batch #1 winners: 100.

📌 Batch #2 winners: 50.

⚠️ Notice: you will need to perform a KYC verification procedure in order to be able to participate in the IDO on Duckstarter. The KYC process can take a few days because of lots of requests.

🚫 We remind you that Duckstarter has a list of restricted countries whose citizens cannot participate in such events: USA and U.S. Territories, Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, and North Sudan.

Stay tuned for more details concerning Round Three of the Ares Protocol Whitelist Lottery and other exciting news!

ℹ️ About Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol is the first decentralized cross-chain oracle on Polkadot that implements data verification on-chain. It’s competitive advantage over other oracles is that it has a higher degree of decentralization because of node randomness, very low latency and high scalability because of it’s on-chain verification of real world data. Furthermore, it is the first oracle that provides compensation through its treasury to data consumers who faced losses due to malicious data. This mechanism serves as insurance and an additional layer of security in the rare case that other security mechanisms of Ares Protocol fail, making it even more secure.

ℹ️ About Duckstarter

Duckstarter is a public token launchpad, a platform for early-stage projects before they finally go public.

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The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol